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Strategic Map

Strategic Map
School of Science Strategic Maps, 2006-2022, click to enlarge and download.

The School of Science does not have a traditional strategic plan. Rather, we have developed and are guided by a one-page Strategic Map. Each iteration of the Strategic Map is set for approximately 6 years, with a review and update stage taking place after 3 years. The creation, review, and updating of the Map at the various time intervals is a consultative and iterative process that involves all stakeholders within the School of Science. More details about this process are included below for each iteration of the Map, and the evolution of the School’s four Strategic Maps from 2006 to 2022 are shown in this PDF.

Implementation of the School of Science’s Strategic Map involves ongoing, operational work and resources, as well as targeted strategic investments. Each summer during a planning retreat, the School of Science Council of Chairs spends time discussing the previous year’s outcomes, feedback from the School community, and identifies annual projects/initiatives to be implemented that are aligned with and strategically advance the School’s priorities and objectives. These annual implementation plans and annual outcomes reports are included below.



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