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Areas of Study

Enjoy undivided attention from the respected faculty of the School of Science, a research-intensive community centered on undergraduates. With no graduate students, we focus fully on close mentorship of undergraduates across all areas of study. Our faculty—top scientists and mathematicians leading active research teams—chose TCNJ for the opportunity to guide the next generation of scientific pioneers.

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areasstudy-icon-biology-FINAL Biology

Search for life’s secrets, in single cells, and across entire ecosystems, in this research-directed program. From lab-based courses to independent research projects, students collaborate with faculty mentors in a quest for new knowledge. With a broad curriculum, well-equipped labs, and a faculty of wide-ranging expertise, we can accommodate the academic interests and goals of nearly any student.


Real Research Partnership

In lab and field settings, our students are junior collaborators on faculty-mentored research teams.


Culture of Investigation

Even our courses and labs revolve around research, challenging students to analyze and solve problems.


Great Labs, Great Access

Student researchers make critical contributions—that’s why they get their own keys and anytime access.


Work with faculty mentors, developing theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chemistry using state-of-the-art instrumentation. Seminars, research opportunities, and multiple degree options and specializations allow an education tailored to your goals. Rigorous yet supportive programs, designed to the standards of the American Chemical Society, are a solid foundation for careers or graduate study.


Small Class Sizes

Upper-level courses top out at 20 students, and even intro courses are small. You get close attention.


Extensive Research Opportunities

Form true partnerships with professors, conducting research and presenting at professional forums.


Engaged Faculty Mentors

Get an inside track on exciting research, from faculty who collaborate across academia and industry.

areasstudy-icon-compsci-FINALComputer Science

Computer science at TCNJ is hands on, team based, and project centered—just like the real world. Take courses in exciting fields—artificial intelligence, computational biology, cloud computing—while collaborating across disciplines to solve real problems. Our curriculum is continually revised to track the latest advances and technologies, ensuring graduates are well prepared for today’s challenges.


Immersive Experiences

Collaborate with others on interdisciplinary projects, applying computer science to real community needs.


Computational Thinking and More

We challenge you to push beyond data and code, integrating computational thinking with critical analysis.


Prepped for Success

Our grads end up at cool companies (Google, Etsy) and great grad schools (Columbia, Stanford).

science-areasstudy-icon-math-FINALMathematics and Statistics

Shape your aptitude into expertise, learning to analyze and solve problems using numbers and data. It’s a skillset increasingly valued in a high-tech world. We offer specializations across the mathematical sciences and mathematics education, allowing you to tailor your studies to your goals. Ours is a community of close camaraderie and intellectual inquiry, nurtured by students and faculty alike.


Passionate Teacher-Scholars

Our teacher-scholars display a wonderful mix of expertise—and a singular focus on mentoring students.


Research Opportunities

Bring us your research interest; we’re sure to have a faculty expert with the insight to guide your work.


Wide Career Choices

A big-data world fuels demand for math and statistics skills in many fields, from markets to medicine.


Unravel the laws and forces that govern the entire universe. Start with physics fundamentals before focusing on the area that most fascinates you: astrophysics, geophysics, biomedical physics, physics education, and more. Working closely with faculty mentors, students develop the kind of high-order skills—problem solving, conceptual thinking, teamwork—needed for success in many careers.


Close Contact Classes

Small, lab-based courses give you lots of contact with both professors and high-tech instrumentation.


A Range of Research

Excellent labs and broad faculty expertise combine to accommodate the interests of nearly every student.


Not Just for Physicists

Who else holds a physics degree? Lawyers, doctors, journalists, engineers, teachers, executives—and more!


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