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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty members are world-class teacher-scholars who are passionate about working with undergraduates. They chose the School of Science specifically because we enroll only undergraduates, valuing the opportunity to inspire a new generation of scholars with the excitement of science and mathematics. With no graduate students, faculty members form close mentoring relationships with undergraduates, in both the small classes they teach and the cutting-edge research labs they lead.

Our faculty members have studied and trained at the best institutions across the United States and abroad. They are dynamic and deeply engaged in their fields, with more than 50% having been hired within the past 10 years. They share with students both their energy and enthusiasm for research, opening their scholarly investigations to undergraduates as junior collaborators. The quality of their work is reflected in a strong track record of publication in top research journals like Nature and The New England Journal of Medicine. The value of their expertise is demonstrated by invitations to lecture at key academic conferences and to serve as visiting scholars at prestigious research institutes and foundations.

The innovative research of our faculty is increasingly recognized with awards and external grant support. Grant submissions are up 500% since 2005, with more than $15.6 million in grant funding awarded between 2006 and 2017. This upswing gives students expanded opportunities through funding for academic scholarships, curriculum enrichment, and access to state-of-the-art instrumentation as well as academic year and summer research.

Students also benefit in experiencing the entire research process alongside their faculty mentors, from collecting and analyzing data to writing grant applications, publishing papers, and disseminating research findings at national and international venues. Last year alone, faculty members and their undergraduate collaborators presented their research advances at more than 120 off-campus professional conferences.

Faculty Highlights

  • Janet Morrison

    This biology professor has a thing for plants. As the resident plant ecologist here at TCNJ, Morrison has even devoted her career to them.

  • Michael Ochs

    This mathematics and statistics professor pinpoints cancer-causing genes with numbers.

  • Dr. Nathan Magee

    This physics professor looks to the clouds for climate change clues.

  • Biology Professor Wins National Contest for Fascination of Plants

    Dr. Leeann Thornton, Associate Professor of Biology, has won a national contest sponsored by the American Society of Plant Biologists in recognition of “Fascination of Plants Day 2015.” Professor Tho

  • Jana Gevertz

    A math professor and her students crunch numbers to map cancer treatments.

  • Dr. Marcia O’Connell

    Student-faculty research collaboration explores gene regulation in embryos.

  • Dr. Donald Hirsh

    Chemistry team uses high-tech tools to measure distance on a molecular scale.

  • Dr. Dimitiris Papamichail

    Computer algorithms unpack puzzles, from synthetic genes to old manuscripts.

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