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2018-2019 Leadership

Council of Chairs

  • Keith Pecor, Chair, Biology
  • Donald Hirsh, Chair, Chemistry
  • Monisha Pulimood, Chair, Computer Science
  • Thomas Hagedorn, Chair, Mathematics and Statistics
  • David McGee, Chair, Physics
  • Laurel Leonard, Assistant Dean, School of Science
  • Jeffrey M. Osborn, Dean, School of Science

Student Advisory Board

  • The Student Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the School of Science student body and the Office of the Dean. The Student Advisory Board consists of presidents and vice presidents from all of the School of Science clubs and organizations, as well as the School of Science senators of the college-wide Student Government Association.
  • 2017-2018 Board Members

Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee

  • Nina Peel, Chair (2021), Biology
  • Joseph Baker (2019), Chemistry
  • Jikai Li (2020), Computer Science
  • Robert Cunningham (2020), Mathematics and Statistics
  • Tuan Nguyen (2020), Physics

Colloquium Committee

  • Jeff Erickson, Chair (2019), Biology
  • Danielle Guarracino (2021), Chemistry
  • Sejong Yoon (2021), Computer Science
  • Tamika Thomas-Royal (2020), Mathematics and Statistics
  • Angela Capece (2019), Physics

Natural Sciences Secondary Education Committee

  • Matt Wund, Chair, Biology
  • Michelle Bunagan, Chemistry
  • AJ Richards, Physics

High Performance Computing (HPC) Advisory Committee

  • Sudhir Nayak (2020), Biology
  • Joe Baker (2021), Chemistry
  • Michael Bloodgood (2021), Computer Science
  • Michael Ochs (2020), Chair, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Thulsi Wickramasinghe (2019), Physics

Fostering Student Success

  • Wendy Clement (2020), Biology
  • Don Hirsh (2019), Chemistry
  • Andrea Salgian (2020), Computer Science
  • Karen Clark (2019), Mathematics & Statistics
  • Angela Capece (2021), Physics
  • Laurel Leonard, School of Science
  • Lynn Gazely (2020), Sociology
  • Benny Chan (2021), Chemistry, Co-Chair
  • Jeffrey Osborn, School of Science, Co-Chair


Academic Integrity

  • Keith Pecor, School of Science Academic Integrity Officer


  • Luke Butler, Biology
  • Joe Baker, Chemistry
  • Deborah Knox, Computer Science
  • Chamont Wang, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Angela Capece, Physics

Secondary Education and Teacher Preparation

  • Matt Wund, Biology
  • Michelle Bunagan, Chemistry
  • Cathy Liebars, Mathematics
  • AJ Richards, Physics

Ad Hoc Committees / Task Forces

Strategic Map Task Force

Faculty members
     Biology – Nina Peel
     Chemistry – Joe Baker
     Computer Science – Dimitris Papamichail
     Mathematics & Statistics – Cindy Curtis
     Physics –  AJ Richards
     At large – Janet Morrison
     Adjunct – Marc Brescia

Staff members
     Administrative – Ann Zsilavetz
     Technical – Marc Brescia

Student members
     Jonathan DellaGatta ‘22 (Computer Science)
     Christian Tucker ’19 (Mathematics)

Office of the Dean
     Dean – Jeff Osborn
     Assistant Dean – Laurel Leonard (ex officio)

Barry M. Goldwater Student Scholarship Committee

  • Michelle Bunagan, Chair, Chemistry
  • Erin Jo Tiedeken, Office of the School of Science
  • Tracy Kress, Biology
  • Michael Bloodgood, Computer Science

Peer-Review Committee for Mini-grant Program to Support Faculty Research

  • Monisha Pulimood, Computer Science
  • Tom Hagedorn, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Donald Hirsh, Chair, Chemistry
  • Keith Pecor, Biology
  • David McGee, Physics

Peer-Review Committee for External Scholarly Mentor Program

  • TBA, Biology
  • TBA, Chemistry
  • TBA,Computer Science
  • TBA, Mathematics and Statistics
  • TBA, Physics

Related Groups / Links

College Governance

Faculty Senate

School of Science Faculty Senators

  • Heba Abourahma, Chemistry, 2019
  • Joseph Baker, Chemistry, 2020
  • Michele Bunagan, Chemistry, 2019
  • Cynthia Curtis, Mathematics and Statistics, 2019
  • Gary Dickinson, Biology, 2018
  • Amanda Norvell, Biology, 2021
  • Jana Gevertz, Mathematics and Statistics (Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees), 2020
  • Paul Wiita, Physics, 2020

Staff Senate

School of Science Staff Senators

  • Laurel Leonard, School of Science

Student Government Association

School of Science Student Senators

  • Vineeth Amba
  • John Barry
  • Anshel Bright
  • Maureen Haque
  • Sabrina Mazahreh
  • Madhav Patel, Senator
  • Matthew Van Solen, Senator
  • Justine Wilson, Senator

Past School of Science Governance


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