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Mathematics Colloquium: Dr. Daniel Fong

Dr. Daniel Fong

When: Thursday, January 31 at 11:30 am

Where: Science Complex P229


“Diffusional-thermal Theory of Combustion at High Pressure”

Abstract: In this talk I will give an introduction into the diffusional-thermal mathematical theory that is used to investigate combustion systems at high pressure.  Starting with a full set of equations governing chemically reacting flows, I will demonstrate how asymptotic methods are used to extract simpler models.  These reduced models retain the essential physics of the combustion process, but their simplicity makes them amenable to analysis. I will also briefly describe how these models can be used to investigate problems of current interest, such as the phenomena of self-wrinkling and self-stabilizing flames.

Biography: Daniel Fong is a Visiting Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at TCNJ.  He received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences in 2012 from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He also received dual B.S. degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science in 2007 from the same institution.  His research interests are in applied mathematics, with an emphasis on mathematical modeling, asymptotic and perturbation techniques and numerical methods for nonlinear problems.  The applications of his work come primarily from combustion theory.  During his doctoral study, he has been primarily involved with modeling of combustion systems in high pressure environments.  In addition to high pressure combustion, his work in the summer of 2011 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory involved the development of a new method to simulate turbulent flow using novel transform techniques