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Computer Science Faculty

Michael Bloodgood – Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Assistant Professor of Computer ScienceMichael Bloodgood
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Research Interests – Dr. Bloodgood conducts research in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on machine learning and natural language processing research.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Bloodgood is interested in teaching core programming courses and upper-level courses in his areas of expertise such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence.

John DeGood – Real-time Embedded Systems, Computing Security

degoodVisiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science
M.S., University of Delaware

Research Interests – Mr. DeGood is interested in embedded systems and computer security. Areas include but are not limited to real-time systems, hardware-software partitioning and responsibilities, embedded systems with limited resources, and analysis of malicious software.

Teaching Interests – Mr. DeGood has taught introductory core courses in computer science at TCNJ and RCBC. He previously spent 10 years teaching computer science and electrical engineering to gifted high school students in an evening program, and 2 years teaching computer programming in Scratch to disadvantaged middle-school students in an after-school program in Camden.

More InformationMr. DeGood’s Page

Deborah L. Knox – Multicore & Parallel Computation, Mobile Apps

Associate Professor of Computer Scienceknox
Ph.D., Iowa State University

Research Interests –  Dr. Knox’s research focuses on multicore and parallel computation as well as mobile application development.
Teaching Interests – Dr. Knox teaches computer architecture, operating systems, and concurrent systems.

More Information – Dr. Knox’s Page

Jikai Li – Computer Networking and Security

Associate Professor of Computer ScienceSecurity
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Research Interests – Dr. Li and his students conduct research in the area of networking and security.  The research topics include optical network design, scheduling, web security, wireless security, firewall, intrusion detection. He is also interested in network protocol design, network traffic visualization.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Li’s teaching includes Computational Problem Solving, Networking, Computer and Network Security, Discrete Structure, Computer Graphics etc. He mentored students in game design, optical network design, scheduling problem, wireless security, intrusion detection, web security.

More Information – Dr. Li’s Page

Dimitris Papamichail – Applied Algorithms

Associate Professor of Computer ScienceDimitris
Ph.D., Stony Brook University

Research Interests – Dr. Papamichail and his students design, analyze, and implement algorithmic solutions to applied, practical problems.  Their research focuses primarily in the field of Computational Biology, with special emphasis in Synthetic Biology and the rational design of synthetic genes and organisms.  Other research endeavors include computational methods for handwritten manuscript transcription, metaheuristic optimization, decision support systems, and computational geometry.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Papamichail has taught a variety of courses from introductory computational problem solving to algorithm design and theory of computation.  He has experience introducing computer programming concepts to life scientists and regularly teaches interdisciplinary courses in algorithmic computational biology and bioinformatics.  he is a strong advocate of incorporating research into the classroom an strongly encourages undergraduate research, while he believes in teaching as an inspiration and supportive challenge as a pathway to critical thinking and understanding.

More InformationDr. Papamichail’s Page

S. Monisha Pulimood – Grid Computing, Computational Journalism

Professor of Computer Science and Department Chairpulimood
Ph.D., Tulane University

Research Interests – Dr. Pulimood collaborates with students and faculty in computer science and other disciplines to conduct research in grid computing, content management systems and computational journalism. An underlying theme of her research is ‘computing for social good’. She is also involved in research related to increasing diversity and participation in the computing disciplines.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Pulimood teaching primarily focuses on software engineering, programming and database systems. She also teaches a first seminar course, ‘In Pursuit of Innovation’, that examines how advances in computing technology are changing the face of innovation. Projects in her courses typically have real-world application and are frequently inter-disciplinary.

More Information – Dr. Pulimood’s Page

Glenn C. Rhoads – Algorithms

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science 
Ph.D., Rutgers University

Research Interests – Dr. Rhoads has research interests in planar tilings, recreational mathematics, and graph algorithms.

Teaching Interests – The courses Dr. Rhoads most likes to teach deal with Data Structures, Algorithms, Computer Organization (gates, flip-flops, etc.), and mathematically oriented courses such as Discrete Mathematics and Numerical Analysis.

More Information Dr. Rhoads’ page

Andrea Salgian – Human-Computer Interaction

Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chairsalgian
Ph.D., University of Rochester

Research Interests – Dr. Salgian and her students conduct research in the area of artificial intelligence and computer vision. Her projects involve visual object, face, and gesture recognition.  More recently she has also been working on creativity research, studying the effect multi-disciplinary teamwork has on undergraduate students’ creativity.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Salgian is teaching courses ranging from introductory, such as Computer Science I and Discrete Structures of Computer Science, to advanced courses such as Computer Graphics. Recently she has been leading a team of faculty members teaching a multi-disciplinary special topics course on Conducting Robots. Dr. Salgian is also mentoring student research in the area of computer vision.

More Information Dr. Salgian’s Page

Sharif Mohammad Shahnewaz Ferdouz – Virtual and Augmented Reality

ferdousAssistant Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Texas at San Antonio

Research Interests – Dr. Shahnewaz Ferdous conducts research in virtual reality, augmented reality, and game development, with an emphasis on developing accessibility issues and virtual and augmented reality.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Shahnewaz Ferdous enjoys teaching any programming, algorithm or data structure related course. In addition, he is interested in teaching advance courses on game development, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, and serious games.

More InformationDr. Shahnewaz Ferdous’s Page

Sejong Yoon – Statistical Machine Learning Methods and Applications

Assistant Professor of Computer ScienceSejong Yoon
Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Research Interests – Dr. Yoon is interested in statistical machine learning methods and applications. Areas include, but are not limited to: computer vision, multimedia, and medical informatics. His recent research topics are decentralized machine learning algorithms for visual sensor networks and beyond.

Teaching Interests – Dr. Yoon has taught both introductory and advanced core courses in computer science, such as data structures, discrete mathematics, database systems, and operating systems.  He has mentored student research projects in the areas of robotics, multimedia, and computer vision. He enjoys discussions with passionate, motivated students on interdisciplinary research ideas.


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