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Department of Physics Wins TCNJ Award for Departmental Excellence


The Department of Physics has won the 2018 TCNJ Mildred Dahne Award.  This award is presented annually by the Faculty Senate and recognizes departmental or program excellence.


Members of the Department of Physics


TCNJ President Dr. R. Barbara Gitenstein presenting the Mildred Dahne Award to the Department of Physics at the Faculty Senate Meeting on Monday, May 7, 2018. L-R: Dr. Gitenstein, Physics Department chair David McGee and faculty members AJ Richards and Paul Wiita.

Applications must demonstrate excellence and outstanding achievement in three of the six categories:

  1. Excellence in teaching and/or support of teaching
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Department impact
  4. Innovation and creativity
  5. Student involvement
  6. Service to profession

All applications must address the first category, “Excellence in teaching and/or support of teaching.” Departments or programs may then select two additional categories for consideration.

About TCNJ’s Physics Department

The TCNJ Physics Department remains distinctive in its commitment to excellence and the individual attention given to our undergraduate students. The Physics Department enrolls on average 80-100 physics majors, and it is recognized annually by the American Institute of Physics as one the top producers of physics majors in the United States. The most recent report of the American Institute of Physics ranks TCNJ’s Physics Department in the top 1% nationally for physics graduates among 496 non-PhD granting institutions in the U.S., and in the top 5% nationally among all 751 PhD and non-PhD granting institutions in U.S.

Teacher education represents an important part of the TCNJ Physics Department’s mission, and TCNJ is consistently among the national leaders in number of new physics teacher certifications. In 2014 and 2016, TCNJ was a member of the PhysTEC 5+ Club, recognizing the small number of institutions that graduate at least 5 new physics teachers in a given year.  In fact, TCNJ Physics ranked 2nd nationally by number of physics teacher certifications among all U.S. college and university physics departments.

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The College of New Jersey
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