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The Process of Updating the School’s 2012-2015 Strategic Map



During the 2014-2015 academic year, the School of Science community reviewed and updated to the School’s 2012-2015 Strategic Map.

Throughout the Fall 2014 and early Spring 2015 semesters, members of the School of Science Council of Chairs read and discussed Good to Great and Good to Great and the Social Sectors (by Jim Collins). This coordinated series of discussions focused on the principles and lessons-learned about achieving sustained organizational excellence and applying these in our context in order to continue building academically excellent, national-level programs across the School of Science at TCNJ.

During the March 11, 2015 regularly scheduled School of Science meeting, the community engaged in interactive discussion sessions focused on gathering broad feedback on our 2012-2015 Strategic Map. Each breakout session included a mix of faculty members, students, and staff members from our five academic departments. The focus of each breakout conversation was on two questions:

  1. At this point in time, are there priorities and/or objectives on which we have made such progress that these no longer need to be included on the map? (i.e., Are there boxes that should come off)?, and
  2. At this point in time, do we have other key priorities and/or objectives that should be added to the map? (i.e., What top-level areas of need are missing?).

These School-wide breakout sessions resulted in extensive and rich feedback.

On April 2, 2015, the feedback gathered from the breakout discussions at the March School of Science meeting was shared at a focused meeting of 15 faculty, student, and staff representatives (listed below). The group discussed all of this feedback and proposed several modifications to the strategic priorities and objectives for an updated 2015-2018 strategic map.

The draft 2015-2018 Strategic Map was then shared with the School community and additional feedback was provided by faculty members, students, and staff members. All of the feedback was shared with the Council of Chairs, was carefully considered, and additional revisions were incorporated into the draft map. At the May 14, 2015 Council of Chairs meeting, the group approved the final version of the 2015-2018 Strategic Map.


More on the Design/Implementation of the School of Science’s Strategic Map

The oval at the top of the map articulates the central challenge for the School of Science: “Building Academically Excellent Programs that will Garner National Recognition.” The central challenge is the focal point of the strategic map in realizing the School of Science’s aspirations and is supported by four, top-level strategic priorities (blue boxes). Each strategic priority is in turn supported by three strategic objectives (white boxes). Additionally, four cross-cutting implementation themes underpin all priorities and objectives.

Implementation of the School of Science’s strategic map involves both (1) ongoing operational work and resources, as well as (2) targeted strategic investments. Each year, utilizing feedback from the School’s community, the Council of Chairs has developed annual implementation plans. These annual plans along with outcome reports are posted on the School’s Strategic Planning web page.


Attendees at April 2, 2015 Meeting

SoS Council of Chairs

  • Janet Morrison, Biology Chair
  • Stephanie Sen, Chemistry Chair
  • Monisha Pulimood, Computer Science Chair
  • Tom Hagedorn, Mathematics & Statistics Chair
  • Paul Wiita, Physics Chair
  • Pat Van Hise, Assistant Dean
  • Jeff Osborn, Dean

SoS Standing Committee Chairs

  • Curriculum Committee Chair – Matt Wund
  • Colloquium Committee Chair – Danielle Guarracino

SoS Student Representatives

  • Student Advisory Board Chair – Rose Costanzo
  • Student Government, Head SoS Senator – McKenzie Montana
  • Student Club President (Physics Club) – Joe Avenoso

SoS Staff Representatives

  • Office Staff – Laurie Wanat
  • Technical Staff – Pam Schmierer

SoS Office

  • Office Manager – Laurel Leonard
  • Grant Writer – Nadine Dalrymple



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