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The recent College-wide curricular transformation has increased student engagement and rigor in all courses/programs, and has been greatly enhanced by many new campus facilities. Since 1980, TCNJ has added over $320 million in new and renovated buildings that beautifully support our educational and scholarly mission, including the Biology Building (completed in 2000) and the Science Complex (completed in 2002; housing Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Statistics).  Along with Holman Hall (housing Computer Science), these buildings provide state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation for the School of Science.

Major equipment is shared and is available in instrument rooms located throughout our buildings. Specialized spaces include a Zeiss planetarium, two astronomical observatories, optics laboratory, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) laboratory, x-ray diffraction laboratory, spectroscopy and chromatography suite, molecular modeling suite, microscopy suite (Confocal, TEM, SEM), molecular biology laboratories (sequencer, quantitative real time PCR), greenhouse, and numerous computing laboratories, including Sun, Intel, and Macintosh platforms.

Each of our buildings also features common public areas for study, relaxation, and social activities, and these areas offer wireless access.

Departmental Facilities and Instrumentation