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Dr. Nancy Hingston

Nancy Hingston studied both physics and mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, and spent a year as a graduate student in physics before “seeing the light” and entering the graduate program in mathematics at Harvard, where she got a PhD in 1981. Dr. Nancy Hingston

The research she does now might be considered studying the physics of an imaginary universe. She works on problems in differential geometry, with methods from algebraic topology and analysis.

Dr. Hingston has spent five academic years: 1985-86, 1998-99, 2005-06, and 2011-13 as a member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, a center for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry that was home to Albert Einstein, George Kennan, and John von Neumann. She regularly attends seminars at the Institute and at Princeton University.

Dr. Hingston is married to a lawyer and has three children. She is learning to play the cello. She loves teaching undergraduates, especially multivariable calculus, and is eager to talk with anyone considering a career in mathematics. You can contact her at


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