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Mathematics Colloquium: Dr. Phaedra Agius

Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium:


Dr. Phaedra Agius

April 18, 2013
11:30 AM-12:30 PM

“The New Crystal Ball: Computational Methods in Biology”

Abstract: With the plethora of next gen sequencing and genomics data, computational methods in biology are racing to become the best detectors and forecasters of health issues. Accurate detection of diseases promises preventative care and proper medical prescription, reducing the overall cost of health care management and improving our general well being. In this talk, I will discuss some basic computational, data mining, and machine learning methods used for analyzing biological data. I will briefly describe a computational method that we developed for predicting transcription factor binding sites, a novel method for comparing RNA secondary structures and some current data integration approaches that we are using to model genomics and clinical data.