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Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Peter Coneski, United States Naval Research Laboratory

Peter N. Coneski Ph.D. 

Applied Concepts in Materials Section – Code 6124
United States Naval Research Laboratory

 “Designing Next-Generation Materials for the Spontaneous Self-Decontamination of Military Assets”

Abstract: Chemical and biological warfare agents (CBWA) pose a significant concern not only to the modern warfighter but an ever-increasing number of individuals and groups. The dangers of such threats are compounded by the persistence of these agents and the possibilities of increasing personnel exposure by the relocation of contaminated materials and through contact transmission.  To combat these dangers, the Applied Concepts in Materials Section at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is developing unique systems aimed at the spontaneous decontamination of a diverse group of target agents via the preparation of materials containing enhanced anti-CBWA activity such as quaternary ammonium salt (QAS) biocides, polyoxometalates (POMs), fullerenes and phthalocyanines.  The development and evolution of spontaneous self-decontaminating paints and coatings will be addressed briefly to relate relevant background information and results to current efforts.  The primary focus of this talk will be on the utilization of basic and applied approaches, such as electrospinning, to develop new materials capable of spontaneous self-decontamination and the introduction and enhancement of their anti-CBWA properties.  Material development and characterization, and the implications of fabrication technique on anti-CBWA activity will be discussed.