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Computer Science Colloquium: Dr. Michael Gschwind

Dr. Michael Gschwind

Senior Technical Staff Member
Senior Manager of System Architecture
IBM Systems and Technology Group
ACM Distinguished Speaker

February 12, 2013 at 11:30am – 12:30pm

Education Building Rm. 113

Refreshments to follow the presentation.


Multicore Computing and the Cloud

Abstract: Cloud computing is emerging as a new technology to exploit multicore computing for large-scale installations and open a new dimension of system architecture at the data center level. Where in the past, a system used to consist of multiple racks, today a single rack, or even a single multicore chip, can host multiple systems. This dramatically improves the ability to utilize and consolidate systems. Using virtualization technologies such as logic partitioning and image migration, running systems can be migrated between different hardware platforms. Image migration may be used to match software execution needs and hardware execution capabilities, to consolidate multiple systems on a single smaller system in order to reduce resource usage during periods of low system use, or to perform system maintenance.  Using partition images to provision new virtual systems creates a new dimension in system flexibility.   The flexibility created by system virtualization allows systems to be more dynamic, and make IT more consumable by focusing on how systems are used.