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School of Science Students Inducted into National Honor Societies

On April 9 and 10, 2013, 50 juniors and seniors from the School of Science students were inducted into two premiere national honor societies.  Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest academic honor society and Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest all-discipline honor society in the United States.


Phi Beta Kappa Inductees


Name Major
Emmanuel Martinez Alcaraz Chemistry and Sociology/Anthropology
Kayla Coleman Mathematics
Patrick D’Errico Computer Science
Marissa Falkiewicz Biology
Remy Friedman Biology and Spanish
Margaret Fuller Physics
Matthew Galinsky Mathematics
Sydney Hope Biology
Jacob Levene Chemistry
Meaghan Ly Biology
Michael McLoughlin Physics and Mathematics
Allison McQuillen Chemistry
Maria Mostyka Biology
Kerry Ryan Physics
Anthony Santisi Physics
Steven Schwarcz Computer Science
Li Guo Shan Statistics
Frank Stabile Biology
Michael Sun Biology
Mohit Thakur Biology
Lahari Vudayagiri Biology and Women’s & Gender Studies
Robin Wu Biology
Serge Zemerov Biology and Chemistry

Phi Beta Kappa celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. The society sponsors activities to advance these studies — the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences — in higher education and in society at large.  Typically, no more than 10 percent of the candidates for degrees in liberal arts and sciences are elected. Each year, about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa.


Phi Kappa Phi Inductees


Name Major
Paolo Di Lorenzo Physics
Vianna Fagel Statistics
Marissa Falkiewicz Biology
John Ferrie Chemistry
Tyler Higgins Chemistry and Mathematics
Virginia Hixson Mathematics Secondary Education
Sydney Hope Biology
Jacob Levene Chemistry
Rachel Levin Statistics
Upasana Madan Biology and Women’s & Gender Studies
Allison McQuillen Chemistry
David Oommen Biology
Jordan Pasternack Biology
Kush Patel Biology
David Piccolella Mathematics
Shahzore Qureshi Computer Science
Anthony Santisi Physics
Kush Shah Biology
John Speigel Biology and Chemistry
Frank Stabile Biology
Colleen Stalter Biology
Theodore Sudol Computer Science
Claire Symanski Biology
Robin Wu Biology
Elizabeth Yacone Mathematics Secondary Education
Serge Zemerov Biology
Megan Zungoli Statistic

 To be eligible for membership in a Phi Kappa Phi Chapter a student must be an outstanding student of sound character.  Juniors must have completed 72 credit hours and rank in the top 7.5% of their class. Seniors must rank in the top 10% of their class.